About the Author

IMG_3728Kristin Washagan is a sophomore at UW-Madison studying journalism and mass communications, with a certificate in gender & women’s studies.

Washagan created this blog for her Journalism 202 class, in order to display her works. As a sophomore in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Washagan has since created an investigative website about Madison’s music scene, and is currently working on the platform & design team of a product designing group project.

Washagan also works for the Badger Herald as a section head for the ArtsEtc. section, after writing for the section Kristin and Juno at the sheltersince the first semester of her freshman year. As the ArtsEtc. editor, Washagan has learned a great deal about assigning content, promoting the section on social media, and editing content for style and grammar.

Washagan’s main interests in journalism include reporting, print and broadcast. She also enjoys photography as a hobby. Other than journalism, Washagan also enjoys spending time with family, singing and caring for her adopted cat, Juno.