Rachel Maddow displays journalistic integrity, unique voice

My biggest role model in terms of communications and journalism is Rachel Maddow. Her show, The Rachel Maddow Show, is much different from the other forms of media I consume, through its use of personal commentary and analysis.

As opposed to news, Maddow uses her skills as a political analyst to dive deeper, and explore new depths in relevant political and popular culture topics. I really enjoy watching her show after reading the news that day, to see her unique perspectives on issues.

While her show is not a replacement for straight news, the show is extremely enjoyable to watch because of her distinct voice, guest interviewees from all political perspectives and even discussions about relevant pop culture occurrences.

The Rachel Maddow Show has a clear, intended audience and bias, which is more left leaning. However, it is not advertised as a news show, but rather a political-based talk show.

Although the show is clearly left leaning, her use of investigating and fact checking to create her own arguments shows journalistic integrity, which I hope to emulate in my own work. She also uses guests who represent various viewpoints on the political spectrum, which helps create balance.

I believe it is important to consume news from a multitude of different avenues, to see a fuller picture. However, it’s very comforting to watch at least one show that reflects your genuine beliefs and interests. For me, The Rachel Maddow Show serves that specific purpose.

Other than the content she presents, I also enjoy Maddow’s broadcast skills and the way she delivers stories. She was a very clear voice that is distinct and her own. I think that’s extremely important, for both written and broadcast journalists, to create a clear voice in their work.

Maddow truly inspires me to be analytical in my approach to investigating, diligent in fact checking and unique in my voice and presentation.


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