Buzzfeed’s “Dear Kitten” draws viewers in with its witty charm, natural product placement

Whether or not you identify as a “dog person” or a “cat person,” it’s nearly impossible not to instantly melt at the antics and clumsy movements of a kitten.

Scenes of a kitten adjusting to his new home, accompanied by the humorous banter and “teachings” from his older cat housemate, conjoin to form an ad that feels completely natural.

This is precisely why Purina’s newest ad collection, entitled “Dear Kitten,” is so successful. While watching, one forgets that Purina is even trying to persuade them into buying their product. The ad feels more like any other cat video—an archetype that’s been popularized since the beginnings of Youtube—despite the clear agenda of selling Purina brand wet food.

Through pairing with Buzzfeed, Purina was able to reach a very specific audience and demographic: young internet-users attracted to comedy videos.

The voice of the cat narrator is deep, sophisticated, and masculine—which is humorous coming from an adorable cat in and of itself. This narrator describes a number of common household items through tips and detriments, in a completely serious matter. An example of which is the narrator describing a horrible monster, “Vacuum,” which he mispronounces and presents as terrifying and sentient.

Purina does an incredible job appealing to this demographic of Buzzfeed regulars, through speaking through the perspective and point of view of beloved feline friends. By personifying pet cats, viewers subconsciously trust the narrator more—seeing him as an authority regarding a cat’s well being. Although the viewer inherently knows it’s not a real cat speaking, the antics and behaviors presented throughout the video show a great understanding of cats that feels trustworthy.

The older cat expresses to the audience that there are two types of food: boring dry food and the delicious wet food. The advertisement displays that cats know you truly love them if you serve them Purina brand wet food at least once a day.

Subconsciously, cat owners watching this ad may want to buy Purina wet food, in order to show their cats how much they love them.

Furthermore, upon watching this ad, viewers associate Purina as a company with these positive associations of humor and cuteness, and internalize memories of Purina for future reference. If the viewers have a cat or one day adopt one, the positive associations of Purina may persuade them to buy Purina cat food if they see it at the store while shopping.




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